Sarah de Roode is a weird creature known for her ability for being busy and scheduling stuff beyond human comprehension

Shooting arrows, playing a violin and walking dogs are only a few examples of what she usually does just while taking a shit

This attitude quickly became an addiction, a challenge with herself to more, more and more things…

…not necessarily meaningful

Here you can see her wearing one whole glasses shop at once, just because “I wouldn’t feel the adrenaline otherwise”

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Indeed, a lack of adrenaline during the daylight might engender very intense crying breakdowns, capable of causing natural phenomena.


Action, Adventure, Shooter

Release Date

December 02, 2018





These are the reasons pushing her to find the new challenges that will keep her life spirit alive, like:



… Eating two focacce at the same time while climbing the everest


As one can imagine, such an addiction can’t bring anything good.

 And, as any other addiction, it leads people (or creatures) to..

… gambling…


and then, inevitably…

SO, before anything like this happens..’d be better to use a tool able to hold the busy power within a reasonable limit.

Don’t know how a tool like this could hold such a disruptive power, but google says so


open the BOX